Writ of Thanks for Hrodir Vigageir Torason

Hrodir has reigned multiple times, both when Northshield was a Principality, and as a kingdom. I think he’s at four kingdom reigns at this point. He has given so much to the kingdom, but has achieved the highest honors already. When he stepped down recently, Their Majesties wanted to ensure he was properly thanked for his service and dedication to the kingdom.

Written in Spring 2018

May it be known that, although speech alone should suffice as a testimony, yet as a surety in future times lest anyone by chance wrongly forget the dedication of one Hrodir Vigageir Toreson, on that account we deem it necessary to write it in this lowly document for a fuller confirmation of our intent.

Wherefore we, Konrad and Abhlin, King and Queen of Northshield, do freely acknowledge the works of this viscount, count, duke, and knight of the society, as well as master of the Laurel, in guiding, serving, and lighting the way for the people of this, our home and kingdom. It is agreed that it is glorious and right always to give acknowledgement ad thanks to demonstratable kindness and courtesy,  and especially when those same kindnesses and courtesies are mindful of enlarging and increasing the wealth of Northshield; which is to say, increasing the joy and knowledge to be found throughout the land. He in truth who does propagate these things and acts, and furthermore, incite others to similar and greater acts and good deeds, shall be entered forever into the hearts of our people.

He who might guard these good things, defending them against the darkness, and who proposes nothing against them save more goodness and service, may he hear with his ears this most heartfelt and sincere letter of thanks.

By our hands and seal, and by the authorization of the belief of our people,  8 April AS 51, Konrad Rex et Ahblin Regina.


VERY roughly based off of two Anglo Saxon writs:

A.D. 704 (13 June). Swæfred, king of Essex, and Pæogthath, comes, with the consent of Æthelred, king of Mercia, to Waldhere, bishop;

A.D. 741 (Lyminge). Æthelberht II, king of Kent, to the church of St Mary, Lyminge; grant of fishing rights in the river Limen, land around the oratorium of St Martin (? at New Romney), and pasture at Biscopes wic (The Wicks, Broomhill, Kent). Latin with bounds