Order of Defense for Leona Talbot

For Leona's admission to the Order of Defense for her long history of excellence in historical combat.

Written in July 2019

Aibhilin and Konrad, by grace of inspiration and right of arms, king and queen of Northshield, defenders of the people, etc. ordain and appoint that Leona Talbot is a fit and honorable gentle of good prowess and character, and we certify that she is well-known to teach the Art of Defense, and she is proficient in the interpretation of such ancient manuals of skills as is required by one of her station. And we hereby confirm, ratify, and certify that she has met all measures of mettle to be well-appointed as such, and upon her conscience to observe with all carefulness and upon such occasions as to demonstrate the qualities of a Peer, those being Franchise, Loyalty, Humility, Courtliness, Justice, Servitude, Gallantry, Courage, Faith, and Honor, and to guide and instruct her own students as well as the students of others and those not yet formally students but who are seeking knowledge and tutelage in these and other things such as what would be learned. For inasmuch as we value her especially honed talents, we acknowledge and admit her to our Order of Defense as a companion, and she shall swear before our kingdom her intent to duly and diligently observe and keep all such orders and articles as relayed therein and to bear under our direction the rightful and proper regalia of the Order, being a white collar, suspended from which is a pendant bearing the seal and mark of the order: “three rapiers in pall, inverted, tips crossed” and by this be marked henceforth and forever as a member of same. In witness whereof we have set our hand and seal on the __ day of July, in the reign of us ourselves Aiblin and Konrad, rightful sovereigns of Northshield, in the 54th year of the society.

Calligraphy and Illumination by Cecily of York