Recognition of Branch Closure

I wrote this ceremony for inclusion in the Northshield Boke of Ceremonies revision, submitted in the fall of 2022.

We have had a ceremony in the Boke for the recognition of a branch moving to full-status. In some cases, a group may need to close due to inactivity or other reasons. It was therefore necessary to write a separate ceremony for closure, as the memory of a closing group deserves the same celebration as a group who is just starting.

Written in summer 2022


Their Majesties summon __________________, Kingdom


The Kingdom Seneschal enters the Royal presence

If the closure is occurring in a location where the populace of the dissolving group will be present, continue with the next part. If not, skip to the next part.


Your Majesties, the people of the [shire, village, canton, barony] of ___________ seek an audience in your court.


Herald, call forth the populace of ___________.


Their Majesties invite the populace of __________ into their court.

Populace of group come forward. If there is a banner or other heraldic item available, this should be brought forward as well and presented to Their Majesties.


With sadness, your Stallari wishes to advise the Crown that 

the people of __________________ have determined that they are no longer able to maintain full status as a group. After discussion, they have made the difficult decision to dissolve their [shire, village, canton, barony]. After many long years of service, they request your permission to return these lands to you for safekeeping.


We grant their request 

and confirm that the lands called the [shire, village, canton, barony] of____________ 

will be returned to crown lands 

[or, placed into the care of the neighboring [shire, village, canton, barony] of _______].

Herald, what shall happen with their registered heraldry?


The name and heraldry of the [shire, village, canton, barony] of _________ 

will be retained by the kingdom

And held safe

In memory of the people

Who they once represented.


Exchequer, what shall happen to their accounts and property?


Their accounts will revert to the Kingdom

To ensure the future prosperity of Northshield 

in memory of their service and honor.


Seneschal, what shall happen to these people?


They shall remain as they always have:

Members of your populace,

Steadfast, stalwart, and true.


The memory of ____________ will survive

Through stories and legends.

You will continue to live in our lands

As children of the ice and snow.

You will continue to thrive

under the compass banner.

From the sea in the east

To the stone in the west,

Regardless of location or circumstance,

You are named and known

As people of Northshield.

In some circumstances, the Crown may wish to gift the group banner back to the populace of the closing group. This should be discussed with the populace ahead of time.

This banner represented

Our faith in _________.

Keep it safe for us and our successors.


For the memory of the [shire, village, canton, barony] of __________, SKOL!*

*It is not recommended to use vivant in this case as the closure of a branch is antithetical to the sentiment.


Ceremony and opening text loosely inspired by the An Tir Herald Extraordinary ceremony (2018) and Late Medieval Oaths for Kings of Arms, Heralds, and Pursuivants by Dom Pedro de Alcazar (2004).

Ceremony and text originally written for Mira Fastova, our Keythong Herald of many years.