Pelican for Siegfried and Elizabeth

Per the request of the recipients and with the consent of Their Majesties, I drafted a text which was inspired by a portion of The Princess Bride. Their elevation with TPB-themed as was one of their more notable reigns. While not necessarily historical itself, it utilized similar skills - mimicking the style and 'voice' is an essential part of writing historical-sounding texts. I also paid Gwen $5 to add an ape to Siegfried's scroll as he was my Award-recommendation Procurement Enforcer (APE) when I was Signet. There are a few fun tidbits in the text itself as well. Elizabeth regularly fosters and rehabs rodents; the award was given shortly after COVID restrictions were lifted hence the plague reference; Elizabeth is a cheese Laurel and Siegfried runs Security at Pennsic; and King Hans doesn't talk much but has very emotive looks.

Written in November 2021

After many tribulations, plagues, miscellaneous rodents (of unremarkable size) and other such interesting times, Elizabeth and Siegfried finally found their way before the King and Queen. They asked why they were called. The herald said, "Sewwice. Sewwive is what bwings us togeder today. Ah sewwice, that dweam which makes the dweam, and your peewages will fowwow you fowewer." Queen Genvieve said, "You have survived the Pennsic Swamp, and proved the existence of the dreaded S.O.U.S (service of unusual size). We have seen your good work, inflicting organization and cheese, security and levity, all in equal measure." And King Hans said nothing but his look conveyed a thousand words. And so it was that Siegfried and Elizabeth were recognized as Pelicans by King Hans and Queen Genvieve for their enduring stubbornness and dedication to the Society. Done this __ day of whatever, by our hand and seal.

"Now take your rest! I mean it!" "Does anybody want a peanut?"


The Princess Bride by William Goodman

Calligraphy and Illumination by Sir Gwenhwyvar verch Owen ap Morgan, OL