Laurel for Crispin Fletcher

Suffice to say, Crispin Fletcher is an archer. In fact, he was honored with the following Patent as a Master of the Laurel for his skill in archery research. This man makes the most beautiful and unusual arrows, from English War Arrows (3+ feet long) to Turkish frou-frou arrows with poofy spiral fletching. He is also well known for his ability to teach ANYONE how to shoot. He loves working with kids, and even has his own army made up of children under 12. It’s all very terrifying and adorable.

As a side note, this text accidentally made it illegal to NOT shoot archery in Northshield. This is why it’s important to always proof your texts, folks.

Written in Spring 2016

The King and Queen to one Crispin Fletcher, greeting.

Because the people of our realm, the most Stellar Kingdom of Northshield, as well of good quality as mean, have commonly in their sports before these times exercised the skill of shooting arrows; whence it is well known, that honour and profit have accrued to our whole realm, and to us, by the help of these same people, no small assistance in many of our sovereign acts; and, prior to your attention, the said skill being, as it were, somewhat laid aside, the same people please themselves in hurling of stones and axes and knives; and some in stick and sword fighting; and some also apply themselves to other sorts of games, and less profitable or useful: whereby the said realm was likely, in a short time, to become destitute of archers.

We, willing to apply a seasonable remedy to this, witnessed that in places in the foresaid Kingdom, as well within the liberties as without, where you have seen it expedient, you have caused public proclamation to be made, that every one of the said Kingdom, at leisure times on holidays, use in their recreations bows and arrows, and learn and exercise the art of shooting; in much the same manner as you have been pursuing these encouragements for many years; and whereas you have caused all and singular on behalf of the good of us and for the good of the realm, to exercise their skills in the shooting of arrows and bolts, for the defense of us and our people; and also for your tutelage, of us and our people, the affections and care necessary, that all who are able and willing, and some who are unwilling, to fletch arrows in the manner in which they were created by our ancestors, of finding these ancient secrets for strong arrows, of such a number that if shot at once, the skies will darken; and to nurture the development of enough archers to cause such a thing to happen, if the occasion presents itself; and to which you have dedicated yourself, the study of, we understand, is an art which, without your passion, would be lost, and we, the aforementioned King and Queen, would be, and the realm also, lesser for its passing.

To this end, we, Gwenhwyvar and Rhys, Sovereigns of Northshield, do set our hands and seal upon these, our letters patent, and are minded to create you a Master of the Laurel, so all shall know and recognize the skills to which you have set your heart and soul;  so that all may know the esteem in which you are held; and furthermore, forbidding all and singular on our behalf, that they do not after any manner apply themselves to the throwing of stones, wood, iron, nor such other vain plays, which have no profit in them, or concern themselves therein, under pain of imprisonment; and should instead take up the bow and arrow for the good of the realm.

Witness the King and Queen at Nordskogen the seventh day of May, AS LI.

Rhys, Rex

Gwenhwyvar, Regina


Letter from Edward III to the Sheriffs of London