Herald Extraordinary Sample Text

When I was Polaris Principal Herald, I recognized our long-serving submissions herald as a Herald Extraordinary. By some strange happenstance, Northshield had never made a HE in the entire time we had been a kingdom. I wrote a text. When I created our second HE, I used the same text. It is therefore now ancient tradition to use this text and shall it be forevermore.*

*or until a Polaris decides not to use it.

Written in July 2020

Link to the full HE ceremony

To ___________, from __________ Polaris Principal Herald, greeting and recommendations.

It is known that it is the ancient and honourable charge of a principal herald to, from time to time, acknowledge excellence in heraldry as it is shown over a period through service, knowledge, stubbornness, compassion, and skill. It is my right and will to honor you, ___________, [lately known as ___any current or recent heraldic positions], for you have truly kept such things as be comprised in these articles following:

First, whensoever charged, you have done the tasks set before you as honorably and truly as your will and reason can serve you, greatly to the advantage of the realm and college, and always keeping them secret, or not, to each its measure, for many years.

You have shown your true desire to be every day more cunning than the day before, so as you may be better furnished to teach others, and execute with more wisdom and eloquence the messages and charges entrusted to you, by virtue of the office to which you are installed forthwith.

You have shown your diligence to have knowledge of all nobles and gentles within your marche, those with names and those who should bere coats of arms or who do presently bear these armes, and such armes that they bear with service and grace to others, and to ensure their prompt registry and diligent use wherever such name or armes shall be necessary according with law and custom.

You have shown that you teach all heralds and ease them in such doubts as they move and learn the mysteries and secrets of heraldry, and you have observed and kept to your cunning and power all such oaths as you have made to honor the noblesse and integrity of living, and always more ready to grant grace than to blame, and register all acts of honour in manner and form as they be done, and to say by the Crown, your estate, and your ownself, the truth.

For these reasons and other secret reasons, I, __________ Polaris, by the power of the ancient estate of principal herald, do name and mark you as a herald extraordinary, to be invested with this office and the rights, dignities, and duties therein, to receive the right to a title of your choosing with the consent and will of the College of Arms, and to be raised in rank so all may know the great esteem in which you are held.

By my hand, word, and seal,

___________ Polaris


Text based off the Othes of Heraudes from the Blacke Booke of the Admirality, c. 1360, England