Crwth for Thomas Bordeaux

This is a very prestigious award for performance prowess. Thomas has been active in several kingdoms, but has made his home here for the last several years. 

The illumination was from the Codex Manesse, which is a book of minnesang poetry. This poetry is sometimes set to music.

The poetics are as follows:

Six lines per stanza

8 beats per line for the first five lines

Last line is 12 beats


Structure should be more than incidentally conversational

Written in March 2017

I came upon a gent one night

whose music was my ears’ delight

“Good man,” I called, “what is your name?”

“Thomas of Bordeaux” he exclaimed.

So struck was I by talents rare

I introduced him to the Khagan,

                         then and there.

“My King, please hear this gentle’s song!

He’s not from here, but he belongs.”

“Ah,” said he, the Khagan true,

“I know what to do with you.

My heart and hand shall mark this truth:

I now invite you to the

                        Order of the Cwrth.”


Minnesang poetry based off the Codex Manesse

Illumination by Cecily of York, Calligraphy by Katerinka Lvovicha