Joint Cypher for Jane Waye

So, in case you didn’t know, Northshield is a little… odd. This poem was written in commemoration of the time the King and Queen held court upside down, and it was heralded by Marvin the Martian.

Written in Spring 2016

To all to whom these letters hear

The words of Rhys and Gwenhwyvere

Our king and queen do greet the hall

with this tale of protocol.

Our Lady Jane, the story goes

Was tasked to write a lot of prose

She wrote some words down in a book

And so we took a closer look

The list of how and what and where

Had a line which made us stare

While every other part was clear

an odd instruction did appear.

“Appease the Crown, and in all Things,

Mind the Queen and mind the king.

If they have a whim or two

that’s what a herald good must do.”

"While court is normally right side up

if suggested, flip your cup

and body, book, and chair,” it said,

“you may herald on your head.”

We asked poor Jane to clarify

She said to us, “I can not lie.

I put it there, but never thought

of the humor my work hath wrought.”

We read it once, then two times more.

We hadn’t seen this line before!

“It must be too good to be true,

But it’s a thing we gotta do!”

So here we are upon our crowns

Thoroughly, truly, upside down.

We hope you all were quite enthralled

of this tale of protocol.


Nothing specific. Quatrains with AABB rhyme.