Augmentation of Arms for Elashava bas Riva

An Augmentation of Arms is a rare and special honor given to those who, over time, have shown themselves to be truly dedicated to the Kingdom. Elashava is one such person.

Written in Summer 2016

In the fifty first year of the society, in the eleventh year of the Kingdom of Northshield, in the third month of the most illustrious king of the Northlands, Rhys, and Gwenhwyvar, Queen of same, in the presence of these same sovereigns, this memorandum was made to define and acknowledge the customs and liberties. and dignities of their predecessors and advisors, which ought to be observed and kept in the kingdom, these being the virtues to guide, and to serve, and to light the way.

And on account of the activities and actions which were wrought by our most loyal subject, Elashava bas Riva, Baroness of the Court, Companion of the Laurel, Companion of the Pelican, and Viscountess of Northshield, concerning the customs and dignities, this acknowledgement was made in the presence of the collected royalty of the Known World, their representatives and assigns, and these and other such dignitaries, dukes and duchesses and counts and countesses and barons and baronesses and lords and ladies, being of not only our realm, but also those realms beyond our borders.

And these customs of Northshield are to embody the spirit of our kingdom, and the said Elashava has long comforted and housed all who seek her out in both this physical world, so brief and transient, but also in the ether-world and those worlds beyond, and this with the intent that even those who are passed from our eyes shall never pass from our hearts.

And the King and Queen moved by these actions and kindnesses, recognized by aforementioned collected people of the Society and by the nobler ones and elders of the kingdom, did show; and, upon the Spirit of Northshield, did orally firmly promise to keep and observe, by the Griffin stone and the compass star, in good faith and without evil, these self-evident truths.

A certain part, moreover, of the customs and dignities of the kingdom which were examined into, is contained in the present writing. Of which part these are the paragraphs;

It is the unabashed and resolute opinion of Us that Shava is pretty darn neat

You do not sign artist release forms to Shava. You can go when she gives you permission.

Shava needs no tripod to take pictures. The camera does not dare to move.

Shava can tear a Facebook page.

When life plays a dirge, Shava dances a bransle

Shava can do a wheelie on a unicycle.

Shava can light a fire by rubbing two ice cubes together.

Houston calls Shava when THEY have a problem.

Shava CAN believe it’s not butter.

When Shava slices onions, the onions cry

When Shava enters a room, she doesn’t turn the lights on. She turns the dark off.

Moreover, a record of these and other noble and courteous deeds, witnessed over many years by the aforesaid sovereigns and members of the kingdom, and dukes, counts and barons, and nobles and elders of this and other kingdoms, at the occasion of the fiftieth year celebration of the Society, on the twenty fifth day of June, anno societatis fifty one, being 2016 in the common reckoning, has been perpetually written on the hearts of all to whom her kindness has touched or affected.

There are, moreover, many other and great acts and actions of our faithful Elashava bas Riva, and therefore we are minded to allow to her for her own and personal use, an augmentation of arms, And may it be preserved by the Griffin Realm, and to the King and Queen, and their heirs, and to the barons of the kingdom, and may this augmentation, by her honor and heart, be inviolably observed for ever.

By our hands and seal,

Rhys, Rex

Gwenhwyvar, Regina


Constitutions of Clarendon, 1164