Herald Extraordinary Sample Ceremony

When I was Polaris Principal Herald, I recognized our long-serving submissions herald as a Herald Extraordinary. By some strange happenstance, Northshield had never made a HE in the entire time we had been a kingdom. That being the case, I was in the unique position to write a ceremony for the role. 

Written in July 2020

The rank of Herald Extraordinary is a high honor. It can only be bestowed by the Principal Herald of a Kingdom or by the Sovereign of Arms of the Society. The Crown may make a recommendation but this recognition is a unique privilege in the Society of Heraldic office.

A Polaris who wishes to create a Herald Extraordinary should discuss their wishes with the Crown and request permission to add an item of business to their court. Polaris should also confer with the Sovereign of Arms. The court report should reflect that the recipient was recognized as a Herald Extraordinary. Polaris or a designated appointee should send the published court report to the Sovereign of Arms so it can be published in the Cover Letter for the Letters of Acceptance and Return (LoAR).


Your Majesties, as your Polaris Herald, I have some business in your court. May I address the populace?


Yes, you may.


In the 16th Year of the Society, Wilhelm von Schlüssel, Laurel King of Arms, sought to recognize those heralds who had greatly served their kingdom’s College of Heralds and the Society’s College of Arms, and who had, as well, achieved the highest level of competence in heraldry. To do so, he created the rank of Herald Extraordinary. Wilhelm Laurel charged the Principal Heralds of each kingdom with the responsibility for elevating deserving heralds to this rank and gave them the privilege of granting those heralds the right to a personal heraldic title; that is, one vested in the herald's own person rather than in the territory that they serve. There is no greater honor for a herald than to be named and known as Extraordinary.

Your Majesties, there is one herald present here today who is well qualified and highly deserving of such an honor. May I call them forth?




_________, please approach the Crown.


[Outline specific accomplishments, tenures, activities, and influences.]


_________, this college and kingdom would not be the same without your influence, dedication, and knowledge, and we are in your debt.

In short, you are extraordinary. Today, to recognize long and exemplary service to the kingdom and the society, I, _________ Polaris, Principal Herald of Northshield, hereby state my intent to exercise this ancient privilege of my office with the following:

[Read scroll text; can use sample Herald Extraordinary Text linked here]

For these reasons and other secret reasons, I, __________ Polaris, by the power of the ancient estate of principal herald, do name and mark you as a herald extraordinary, to be invested with this office and the rights, dignities, and duties therein, to receive the right to a title of your choosing with the consent and will of the College of Arms, and to be raised in rank so all may know the great esteem in which you are held.

By my hand, word, and seal,

___________ Polaris


For ____________, Herald Extraordinary, VIVANT!!


Ceremony and opening text loosely inspired by the An Tir Herald Extraordinary ceremony (2018) and Late Medieval Oaths for Kings of Arms, Heralds, and Pursuivants by Dom Pedro de Alcazar (2004).

Ceremony and text originally written for Mira Fastova, our Keythong Herald of many years.