This is primarily aimed at people who are commissioning Peerage scrolls. I do not speak for all scribes and some may have different standards, rules, guidelines, or questions. I provide this information only for reference and defer to the commissioned scribe on any discrepancies between this document and their practice.

An ICOP template based on a document originally compiled by Duchess Petranella and Mistress Leyla. I just made it easier to use.

A master checklist for most of the variables/blanks in the standard Northshield Peerage ceremonies

A general overview of some of the heraldic logistics and other questions which come up in the process of getting a dependent elevated.

Peerage Ceremony Blanks 

From the oath of the Lord Deputy, sworn to Queen Elizabeth I, 1587-ish. Adapted text for the Kingdom of Northshield as a fealty oath

I have done a fair amount of themed historical cosplay in the SCA. This is an overview of my process. 

A skaldic verse poem I wrote depicting a friend's interaction with Thor, wherein he literally yelled at clouds. Originally drafted in the early 2010's

"Land-wolf rolled through raiment [strong wind] Raising heads in awe. Then Ingus, heard by hunters, Howled all the louder."

Just a collection of text resources which I have found useful over the years.

 A sonnet I wrote for a friend after she stepped down as Queen.

"Though Northshield’s armies oft are loudly praised, 

be this for women fierce, a runestone raised."

For English texts which are based off of legal documents, the use of the royal/plural “we” and “our” starts mid-to-late 13th Century, maybe a smidge later. I did not find any personal correspondence which used it.

Please see link for a full argument.