A Letter of Marque for Michael St. Christian and Sybil Sevenoake

Master Michael and Mistress Sybil have purchased a boat to undertake a long seafaring excursion. Her Majesty decided it would be fitting to give them a Letter of Marque just in case there are any questions about the legitimacy of their sailing adventures.

As I had previously written an unused patent text for Michael based off this same document, I decided to reuse it for its intended purpose.

Written in October, 2022

The Queen’s most royal Majesty and the King, having been credibly informed that his most obedient subjects inhabiting upon the sea coasts, are very desirous to prepare and equip a ship and charges to the sea for the annoyance of their Majesties’ enemies, so as they might obtain their gracious license in that behalf, hath, of their clemency, tender love, and zeal, by the advice of their counsel, written and conferred this letter of marque, and hath resolved and determined hereafter followeth:

First, their Majesties are pleased, and by their authority, give full license to Michael St. Christian and Sybil Sevenoake, their subjects of high mettle and renown, may, at their liberties, without incurring any forfeiture or penalty, prepare and equip to the sea such a ship to be used and employed against their Majesties’ enemies, as they shall be able to think convenient for their advantage and the annoyance of said enemies.

And Their Majesties are further pleased, and by this letter, grant to their subjects, the aforementioned Michael and Sybil, that they shall enjoy to their own proper use, profit, and commodity, all and singular such ships, vessels, munition, merchandise, wares, victuals, liquor, and goods of what nature and quality soever it be, which they shall take of any of their Majesties’ said enemies, without making account in court.

And they shall enjoy, under threat of the wrath and displeasure of their Majesties, in full measure and without let or hindrance, their liberties and pleasures, in such sort as their doing hereupon may be substantial, and shall maintain all other common duties of friendship, defense, and citizenry of the realm.

By our hands and will,

Guenievre and Tom

Regina et Rex Nordscildensis


English Letter of Marque Against Scotland and France, Henry VIII, 1543