Duchy for Yngvar inn Hepni

In recognition of Yngvar's successful completion of two reigns on the Griffin Throne. This is VERY LOOSELY based on the Magna Carta, unbeknownst to me as I was writing it. The book I was working from cut off that part of the page! I only found out when I went to the index so I could cite it.

Written in August 2018

Under the eye of the Griffin, we, Vladimir and Petranella, august king and stellar queen of Northshield, to their well beloved Yngvar, knight of the society, health and sincere affection.

Because we have  very frequently realized your faithfulness, proven in many trials, both on the field of battle and off, to us and our kingdom,  we do not doubt that you will rejoice greatly to know that we, your heirs, assigned, and successors, have with all due care, tended to the needs of this, our Kingdom of Northshield. Out of reverence for our people, and those of all our ancestors and heirs, for the honor of the Griffin realm, on the advice  of our venerable and well-aged peers, confirm and establish the following:

we do by this present charter confirm for us and our heirs forever that those who have completed two reigns on the stellar thrones, shall have the right to bear the title of Duke, and shall have those rights undiminished and liberties unimpaired; and it is our will that it be thus observed, which is evident from the fact that we willingly and knowingly  inherited these thrones from you, in a way which is most essential and most important to our people, customs, laws, and traditions, and we shall observe it in good faith forever.

If anyone shall address you, they shall acknowledge you as your grace, which is by our will and by the laws under which our society has been incorporated.

In exchange for this title,  you swear to uphold the laws and traditions of the realm which you have twice protected as king, whether you shall ever bear the heavy crown on your head, but also shall you bear strawberry leaves upon your own coronet of gold, which shall remind all of the prosperity and fruit you have borne to this, our most honorable and stellar kingdom. Thus we do hereby establish and confirm your estate of a duchy with this patent of arms, and shall hold and confirm these truths in all matters and all places for ever, as aforesaid. An oath, moreover, has been taken by you, and observed in good faith by our hands.

Given by our hands in Nordskogen on the _ day of __, in the first hour of our reign.

Calligraphy and Illumination by Cecily of York