Court Barony for Sorcha Bhiude

Just a quick little poem for Sorcha's court barony.

Written in March 2018

To all to whom these letters are reading

Cassandra and Kaydian do send their greeting.

Our kingdom stretches from Eastern shores

To Western stone, to northern Moors

Thus We as king and queen oft hear

Of feats and deeds from far and near

The field of glory can be loud

And arts and sciencss make us proud

But those who quietly make things go

Can be overlooked, as you know.

We Rex and Regina Nordscildenses

Invite you to take a peek through our lenses

Sorcha Bhiude our charming friend

Sees things through from start to end.

She runs our lists with easy grace

And always has a smile on her face.

The list of what she’s done isn’t short

Thus, we make her a baroness of our court.

This Coronet, silver and pearled

Will show our esteem to the world.


Quatrain poem with AB rhyme scheme