Laurel for Hroðwynn Brycgentslaga

For Hrodwyn's admission into the Order of the Laurel. Please see the link below for the full ceremony. The text and general vibe of the ceremony is principally based on a single document: S90, A.D. 742 (Clofeshos). Æthelbald, king of Mercia, to the Kentish churches; confirmation of privilege ( This document provides a narrative around some administrative decisions being made by the church. Within this same document, the author describes certain rights and responsibilities of the monasteries, and confirms the duties of the King towards the monastery. At the end, all parties involved signed and agreed to what was decided. This is as close as I found to a ceremony. Bonus points for being Kentish and within the correct time period.

Written in August 2018

Wherefore we, Vladimir and Petranella, while gathered in our Canton of Blachmere in the  most Noble Barony of Nordskogen, being a famous place, gathered our ealdormen to hear of various matters and testimonies concerning our kingdom, most especially regarding in our most Ancient and Honorable Order of the Laurel. At length it resulted from an enquiry of Fina and Ealdred, members of that same order, that a request was made in the presence of all to invite  Hroðwynn Brycgentslaga forthwith. After this privilege had been read and examined amongst themselves in the presence of the king and queen and populace, it was pleasing to all and they together declared that they were not able to find anything else so noble and so wisely formulated which was in accordance with the kingdom’s guiding principles. And agreeing that this stand and be confirmed by all, they decreed it to be right. I, Vladimir, King, subscribe by my hand. I, Petranella, Queen, subscribe by my hand. I ____, <title>, agree and will sign. Etc


742 AD, Æthelbald, king of Mercia, to the Kentish churches