Norse Poem Template for Peerage

My BFF is the Parchment Herald in Meridies (their head scribe, kind of). She mostly does gothic-style illumination, but was asked to do something norse-ish for a peerage scroll template. This is the text I came up with for her project. 

Written in December 2018

Weave the wyrd of southlands 

Wave-fire tending ring-Hlin [gold/money // woman] 

Kinsmen know her cleavers 

Cupstream overflowing

 Guarding gate from bee-thieves [gold-stealers] 

Gautr’s own truth-ful speaker [Odin] (Gautr is one syllable) 

a Strong storm of Herkja [troll-woman - Courageous] 

Stubborn, now a blood-swan [Pelican] 


 Stubborn arm of Sviðrir [tree/shrub/Laurel

These Runes raised by KING and QUEEN for NAME OF PERSON on _______ in the year of KING’S triumph.


Drottvaett style off the Karlevi stone.