AoA for Ulfr Steinsson

This scroll was a joint effort between myself as the wordsmith and Ignatia from the East Kingdom who carved the runes. I based my text off of the Karlevi Runestone.. It was made in 1000 or so, which is about 100 years too early for Ulfr, but there’ve been similar other examples found closer to his period. The prose is along the same lines as the Karlevi stone, but is longer to encompass the requirements for a scroll text.

The poetics are drottkvaet form.

The date stuff may be based later than the stone’s period, but it was definitely in use before the end of our period. The year is a common method of reckoning dates in viking times. That references the icelandic volcano, which is a big event that Ulfr would have known about, and also says that it’s AS44.

Written in Spring 2009

This stone placed by Andreas King and Gabriella Queen of East-realm at

Rose War in Snowy Concordia on Sunnudagr, the second day of Skerpla, in the year of the volcano’s year, being 44 by common reckoning.

Stein’s son, strapping Ulfr

Storm of Ullr invoker [warrior]

Cared for kinsmens purse-snow [silver]

Keeper true of war chest

Skilled this wound-thorn wielder [swordsman]

Wordfame burned through northlands

Actions called for honors:

arms to him awarded.


Based off the text on the Karlevi Runestone

Carving by Ignatia in the East Kingdom