Black Griffin for Hrodwyn Trollslayer

Sometimes, I write texts in other languages. I’m 100% sure there are errors in the translation, but it SOUNDS cool.

The Black Griffin is a Grant of Arms award for heavy combat in the SCA.

At some point, I decided that a person as historically inclined as Hroðwynn needed a historical name. Her epithet of Trollslayer was well deserved. I consulted with Mistress Eyja and confirmed this construction:

Brycg - bridge; Ent - giant; -slaga - killer/slayer

Written in April 2015

Unswiciende Hrodwyn Brycgeotenslaga, Blaecgiow asceop Tom beadu-scearp aeasumer cyning et Sigrid collen-ferhþ gúþ-cwén.

Unfailing Hrodwyn Trollslayer, Black Griffin created by Tom Battlesharp Summer King and Sigrid Fierce-minded Warrior Queen.


Old English style praise poetry