Miscellaneous Oaths

Over the years, I have drafted a few oaths for various purposes. Here are a few of them.

Anglo-Saxon oath, 900-950CE


With my hand on this relic, I swear I will be

to the Crown of Northshield faithful and true;

And love all that they love, and shun all that they shun[10];

According to the Kingdom’s law, and the world's principles;

To demonstrate courtesy, kindness, and compassion;

And let no person deny justice to another[11], 

To teach the ignorant and guide the lost.

To serve the needy and shield the weak.

To seek the path and light the way.

And never, by will nor by force,

by word nor by work,

do aught of what is loathful[12]

And to never bend nor break.

Even if the earth’s fields should shake,

I swear I will hold fast, and be true[13].

Here by my honor, my hand, and my heart, swear I, Hroðwynn Brycgentslaga.


We acknowledge your oath, and will keep you as you deserve[14],

Relying on your faithfulness and wisdom

to help us bend the unrighteous to right[15];

This oath shall be protected and preserved

Inviolable and immutable,

Until the end of the world.[16]

Your enemies shall be our enemies,

your need shall be our need.

But know that any who seek to diminish their oath

Will have their names removed from the land of the living[17]

And be barred from happiness,

And destined for the outer darkness.[18]

Elizabethan oath, 1587[17]:


I shall swear that I shall faithfully to your power 

serve our Sovereign Nobles, 

the King and Queen, 

most excellent Majesties of the kingdom of Northshield, 

In good faith, I shall to my service 

not only keep their Majesty’s peace amongst their people 

but also support by my actions the Griffin realm. 

I shall defend their Majesties garrisons, dominions, 

people, and subjects of this realm against all rebels and enemies. 

I shall certify their Majesties clearly and expressly thereof, 

and I shall give my true and faithful council for the benefit of the Crown and Kingdom, 

and of their majesties council I shall not disclose. 

In this realm, I swear that I shall faithfully serve 

and do the extent of my power these things, 

for the good of the realm and in service to the Crown.

Thus swear I, Katerinka Lvovicha.

Langobardic Oath, 6c-7c CE


I promise that I am and shall be faithful

To my Crown and their heirs all the days of my life

Without deception and without deceit.[27] 

To advance in good works with each step and season

And always be seen to move toward the better.[28]

To safeguard your counsel, [29]

To raise no controversies with evil purpose,[30]

To remain steadfast in my promise,

Inflicting injury upon no one.[31] 

To aid the wronged and seek out the truth[32]

And to illuminate the way.[33]


We accept your oath.

It is right that he who makes promises to us

should be protected by our help.

And because you, our faithful follower Faraulf,

having come here to our court,

were seen to swear into our hands

that you will teach, serve, and protect our Kingdom

In whatever ways you are able,

we therefore decide and order

by the present letters 

that from now on you will be counted

among the Companions of the Laurel.

And should someone perhaps dare

to do him grievous harm,

let them know that they will now be liable

to pay 600 solidi for his wergeld.[34] 

Let this pledge have unshaken and undisturbed validity,[35]

and may trouble be visited eight-fold[36] 

upon any who would break this oath…

so that they will obtain no joy from it, but only ruin.[37]

English oath, 1300-1500


With my hand on this relic,

I pledge that I shall be good and true

to the Crown of Northshield

Obedient shall I be,

And maintain the customs and traditions of the realm

And keep the Kingdom from harm 

to the best of my ability.

I will contribute to the security and per-pe-tuity of the kingdom

Bearing my part as a member of this order ought to do.

In all things, will I advise, 

for the good of the land,

And let no person deny justice to another.

Guard and defend, I shall,

The honor of the Crown

And the body of the law.

I will be faithful and loyal,

Charitable and kind,

Well and honorably acting,

Keeping your secrets and safeguarding your counsel,

And when, at what hour, my assistance is needed

So will I offer it,

So long as life remains.

Here by my honor, my hand, my bow, and my heart, swear I, Crispin Fletcher.


We accept your offer of service and leadership

And will rely on your counsel.

As you serve and guide Northshield

With honor and charity,

We will act towards you

Respectively in all things

Protecting you with our aid,

And rewarding you with our love,

But may all strength fail

And the world turn against

Any who break their solemn oath.

Please see lines 122-144 of this spreadsheet for this oath's documentation.