Ordo Circini Vitruvii for Kolfinna Nobilis

For Kolfinna's recognition of their excellence in historical combat. One of my very dear friends was  making this scroll for another dear friend. The exemplar was a very late-period lace piece and there was a VERY small area for text. A sonnet seemed  like it would fit the bill. The recipient changed their pronouns after the text was written - the correct pronouns have been updated below.

Written in December 2018

Of all the monsters who have walked the earth 

and fearsome beasts with scales and thickened skin 

The one who thou shouldst give the widest berth 

is the terror whose tempest lies within 

Their lithe and merry bearing will belay 

the teeth they bare when threatened in their field 

They revel in the chaos of the fray, 

and though they bleed, this stormchild will not yield 

Of Kolfinna I do proudly speak 

With cunning joy, a wonder to behold 

Their sword can cut but also shield the weak 

And this we mark them with this sash of gold. 

     With words and metal, defenses they can pierce 

     Though they be little, know that they are fierce


Constructed using the poetics of a Shakespearean sonnet, ABAB CDCD EFEF GG

Calligraphy, Illumination, and Lasers by Gwenhwyvar verch Owen ap Morgan