Pelican for Anpliça Fiore

For Anpliça's admission to the Order of the Pelican for many years of service to the Kingdom

Written in July, 2022

We, Ajax & Gaia, by providence of grace and prowess, Rex et Regina Nordscildenses, do decree with provident counsel, which decree is to be observed unto all time, that Anpliça Fiore shall be known, acknowledged, and recognized according to the Laws of the Society as a Companion of the Order of the Pelican. 

Also that, as a companion of said Order - a worthy one, let us hope - the Order’s tenants shall be imitated in every way possible; so that, namely, so shall she guide, and serve, and light the way for the people of Northshield with honor and charity. Likewise, so shall she swear to observe the statutes, laws, privilges, liberties and franchises of the realm and also of the Order, and not reveal our secrets nor the secrets of the Order. 

And moreover that she shall exercise her duties as a Companion of said Order, and go about in the regalia of said Order, according as that has been decreed by the Society, being (fieldless) a Pelican in its Piety. 

And we will that if any kingdom, household, or person shall oppose our will, or pertinaciously refuse to acknowledge her as a Peer of the Society, from that time forward, that kingdom, household, or person shall not have the benefit of our defence or protection. 

And we grant, with even greater liberality, through these presents, that she may, without fraud, enjoy the same privileges, franchises, immunities and liberties which any Peer of the Society is now or shall hereafter be endowed. 

By our hand and seal on the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the 16th day of June, Anno Societatis 57, at Warriors and Warlords.


At the recipient’s request, based off of the charter for the founding of the University of Heidelberg, 1386 

Construction and Decoration by Jonns Gunnarson, Valka Ragnarsdottir, Dalla Grimmsdottir, and Theoweard l'Archier